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Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions about the Christmas Caravan for Kids event


What kind of toys should I bring?

Toys need to be age appropriate, unwrapped, and new. As for the cost, that is a personal choice since it is the present itself that is important, not the cost


What age groups should I buy for?

It is easy to think that the only children who benefit from "Toys for Tots" are infants and young children, but teenagers are included in the "Toys for Tots" gift giving program and are often overlooked during toy donations. Try to thing of this age group when looking for items - things like toiletries, makeup, clothing, etc.


Do I need a 4WD to participate?

No, the Christmas Caravan for Kids event isn't limited to owners of 4WD - it just started with them.


How much does the Christmas Caravan for Kids event cost?

The Christmas Caravan for Kids event is free - sort of anyway. Admission price is at least one new, unwrapped toy.

Will food be offered?

In order to maximize our donation effort to Toys for Tots, lunch will no longer be offered free of charge. However a variety of food trucks will be on site to purchase food. 

What are the times of the Christmas Caravan for Kids event?

Caravaning sites "open" around 8am with the caravans leaving at various times depending on the distance from Lincoln College of Technology, where the Meet and Great is being held and will begin at 10:00 AM. 

What does "Caravaning" mean?

"Caravaning" is the fun stuff if you own a 4WD! Groups gather at various caravaning sites located around the metro area as well as around the state - and form one long line of caravaning vehicles that will travel together to Lincoln College of Technology.


Who are the Marines that help and what is "MACS-23?"

From information we obtained from their website, MACS-23 was activated on October 16th, 1949 as Marine Air Reserve Training Command, Naval Air Command, Denver, Colorado. That designation remained until March 1st, 1954 when the unit was re-designated Marine Air Control Squadron 23. On March 8th, 1997, the final designation of Marine Air Control Squadron 23, Marine Air Control Group 48, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, US Marine Corps Reserve.


The mission of MACS-23 is:

Provide air surveillance and control of aircraft and surface-to-airweapons for antiair warfare, continuous all-weather radar and non-radar ATC services, and airspace management in support of a Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF).


MACS-23 is tasked with:

  • Perform command and staff functions associated with fulfilling the MACS-23 mission

  • Coordinate with appropriate commands to plan for the deployment and employment of the MACS-23 squadron and its separately deployable detachment

  • Provide deployable detachments capable of air surveillance, airspace management, control of aircraft, and surface-to-air weapons for antiair warfare in support of MAGT

  • Provide deployable detachments capable of providing ATC services at existing or expeditionary airfields and remote area landing sites.

  • Serve as operational point of contact between the Marine Air Command and Control System, and national/international ATC agencies


MACS-23 has actively participated in support of Dessert Storm in Southwest Asia from October 1990 to April 1991. From 2006 till present, MACS-23 has seen deployment in:

  • Iraq with the 4th Civil Affairs Group

  • The Horn of Africa with the 5th and 6th Provisional Security Companies.

Along with their official and military obligations and requirements, MACS-23 is also the point of contact for the USMC Reserve's "Toys for Tots" foundation, which has strived to provide happiness and hope to disadvantaged children during each Christmas holiday season for over 63 years! It is the mission of the "Toys for Tots" foundation to offer "these children recognition, confidence and a positive memory for a lifetime. It is such experiences that help children become responsible citizens and caring members of their community". Last year the Marine Corps fulfilled the holiday hopes and dreams of 7.5 million needy children. Since 1947 over 166 million needy children have known the magic of Christmas thanks to Toys for Tots.

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